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On top of Spy Rock
Jon Freivald
Hi – this is me. I own this site. If you're a friend, you are welcome. If you're here to meddle, you are not welcome. It's that simple.

I'm a husband, father, brother, grandfather, photographer, geek, and all around esoteric fellow. Married (to the same woman!) for over 30 years, I have children ranging from over 30 to kindergarden age. I enjoy hiking and hunting, shooting and archery, conversation and debate. I lived on Long Island (among many other places) and worked in Manhatten. Now I live on a few acres out in the sticks because I can. C'mon in and set a spell…


My one page resume
My full resume
Hmmm… Made up BS & “we” fall for it hook, line & sinker…

just like:


And yes, he did…
The Bill of Rights is dead!
The panoramic view from Spy Rock
The view from Spy Rock

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