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What's this all about?

There are literally scads (yes, I know, a highly scientific term there 8-)) of web sites and books dedicated to photography. What I've attempted to do here is consolidate some of the most important fundamental information into one spot in an easy to digest format. I so dislike having to read dozens or hundreds of pages just to glean out the factoid or two that I need! I've also attempted to distill things into easy to understand plain talk. Most of us don't need a hundred pages of light theory, we just want to be able to control our flash output satisfactorily. These are the types of presentation I am trying to make here. Hopefully I will succeed and you will find it helpful. If you do, please feel free to comment. If not, please let me know why, and how I can improve the information presented.

Please keep in mind that I am not claiming to be an expert or guru. I'm someone who uses photography as a part of his job, and I enjoy photography as a hobby. There are a lot of much better photographers and amazingly brilliant and creative minds out there that I can't hope to hold a candle to. I try to stay away from presenting theory or background science when presenting the fundamentals. I think that might be what gave me such a slow start – too much theory and not enough “brass tacks.”

What is photography?

Photography is very simply, the act of creating an image with light. We use a camera to capture and focus the light, and film or a digital sensor to “see” that light and transform it into an image.

A little (of my) photography history

Jon Freivald

I've been taking pictures for over 40 years. I've been “semi-pro” for the past 15 and have been doing crime scene photography professionally since 2007. If you'd like the whole story, feel free to read my bio.

Tech talk

Image composition

What is exposure?

The "Sunny 16" rule

Understanding exposure reciprocity

Some tips for using flash

Understanding flash guide numbers and manual flash

Determining and controlling Depth of Field

Understanding hyperfocal distance

What is the digital multiplier factor?

Normal Lens

Stopping motion

How to eliminate shutter lag

A few definitions.


Reference files:

  • My Flash Guide Numbers documents for Nikon, Canon, and Lumedyne equipment.
  • Ken Storch's ISO, Shutter Speed & aperature f/stop table.




  • PhotoCalc – Depth of Field calculations, a sunrise/sunset function, flash exposure calculator, Exposure Reciprocation.

I do not have any android devices. These recommendations come from other sources that I trust.

  • CamCalc – Depth of field, field of view, focal length equivalents, flash calculations, color temp. conversion, miniatures, and sunrise, sunset.
  • PHOforPHO – Exposure calculator, Hyperfocal calculator, DoF calculator, Timer, and Exposure compensation calculation for multiple exposures.

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Not always the lowest prices, but a level of integrity and customer service that makes them well worth the few extra pennies they cost to deal with!
I have read and enjoyed both volumes 1 and 2 so far. I had no idea he was up to volume 4!
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