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The panoramic view from Spy Rock

Jon Freivald

Jon's random ramblings



Jon Freivald

When the woods go deathly quiet, the next “squirrel” you hear will likely be the cause of the stillness…

2014/11/14 03:03 · 0 Comments

Moving to WordPress

In support of others, I ended up installing WordPress. Having now worked with it, it seems to be much more capable than the blogging plug-in I'm using here. All new entries will be here.

2014/03/23 13:22 · Jon Freivald · 0 Comments

Random photos for our friends at Fresh & Wyld

2013/10/08 13:58 · Jon Freivald · 0 Comments

Such mundane views...

2013/10/08 13:49 · Jon Freivald · 0 Comments

What do we really think?

The next time you hear some gun control drone saying something about how “the police want more gun control, too,” point them at this survey of police officers and tell them their misinformation without facts is highly unappreciated…

2013/08/17 08:45 · Jon Freivald · 0 Comments

3 envelopes

A young man becomes leader of his nation.

When he first entered his state office, he observed 3 envelopes, numbered 1, 2 and 3 with a note that said, “Open in order, but only in times of extreme crisis.”

As things always do, balance moved to unrest and unrest to crisis. In desperation, he tears open the first envelope. The message inside read:

“Blame everything on your predecessor.”

He did so, and everyone was happy. They buckled down, worked through the crisis, and balance was again achieved.

Soon after, another crisis raised it's head and threatened to consume him. Again in desperation, he opened the second envelope. The message in this one read:


He changed his cabinet, changed his advisors, disbanded departments, created new departments, and caused so much confusion that it appeared balance had once again been obtained.

Later still, crisis again threatened to consume him; to topple his sacred government out from under him. With his last ounce of desperation, he opened the third envelope. The message read:

“Prepare three envelopes.”

2013/07/20 10:46 · Jon Freivald · 0 Comments

Stupidity costs

Some people are just too stupid to have access to public money… Read how a government agency physically destroyed an entire network out of pure stupidity.

2013/07/10 23:18 · Jon Freivald · 0 Comments

I have achieved balance...

This is my daily commuter…

2013/07/04 21:25 · Jon Freivald · 0 Comments
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