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Welcome, friends, to my little corner of the web. I hope you find it useful, and maybe even entertaining. I am always open to suggestions. Registered users are welcome to leave me feedback.


Use the “Add/Remove selection” button to create a collection of pages from this site which you can then export – either plain text, or PDF e-book. You can rearrange, add/remove, and even save for later.


Nothing on this site is warranted in any way for accuracy, safety, fitness for use, or any other purpose. Use of any information presented is entirely your decision and the results are entirely your responsibility.


The panoramic view from Spy Rock

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Other stuff:

  • Brother Pat's award winning YA/Horror novel on
  • Visitor stats for this site, just in case anyone cares.

Feedback & Registration

Registered users are welcome to leave feedback, as well as participate in discussion on many of the pages on this site.

Due to an incessant barrage by a few knuckleheads determined to spam this Wiki, I have had to disable self registration1). I'm happy to have as many legitimate members as can play nice and treat each other with respect, but now you will have to e-mail me, tell me who you are, how you discovered the site, and request access. Please specify your desired login name and your full name when you email.

jon {at} freivald {dot} org

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Even with guest-only access available, I was deleting tens of bogus accounts every day, and I think I've finally gotten all the spam articles cleaned up. If you see an article you think might be spam, please let me know.
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